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Seattle Fiber Optic

Seattle fiber optic.

Computer Service Corp. is the perfect choice for companies that want a complete Seattle fiber optic solution. Whether you need Seattle fiber optic, (or fiber optic cabling in SeaTac or Tacoma), system software, cabling, the latest in IP telephony or complete network management, CSC can get the job done. At CSC, the customer is our first priority.


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seattle fiber optic cablingCSC takes pride in providing the best in customer service and support to our clients, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We have the trained and certified staff to meet the demands of any business. Our real-world experience and personal expertise is the right choice for any company demanding maximum uptime and reliability. We're your one-stop technical support company, offering solutions, not excuses.

CSC specializes in the following services:

Network and Communication:


Some details of some of our services:

E-mail Spam and Virus Filtering

Spam is a big problem for almost everyone who surfs the Internet. Businesses loose hundreds of dollars in productivity due to the time it takes for employees to deal with spam every month. CSC's e-mail filtering will virtually eliminate spam from ever arriving plus will scan every message and attachment for viruses, giving you the peace of mind to open your e-mails without having to worry about viruses.

Firewall / VPN / IDS Designs and Deployments

A firewall is what sits between your network and the Internet. Without it, anyone on the Internet could see your entire network and easily hack into your private data. As a result, a robust firewall is one of the most critical aspects of network security. Firewalls come in many different categories, so choosing the one that best meets the needs of your business can be a real challenge. Some questions to think about are: Do I need content filtering? Do I need to be able to use virtual private networks (VPN)? Do I need an intrusion detection system (IDS)? Is a basic firewall secure enough for me, or do I need one that is smart? Do I need inline virus scanning?

CSC has experience helping companies like yours decide what features are necessary in a firewall, and which firewall is the best overall fit. Let us help you find the firewall solution that best fits your company's needs.

Video Surveillance

Good security involves more than just a secure network. Video surveillance is an excellent way to improve security. Obvious security systems not only function as a deterrent to any undesirable activity but also help employees feel more secure in the workplace, track access to critical or sensitive areas, increase situational awareness of security personnel, etc... CSC offers a wide variety of cameras and digital video recorder (DVR) systems manufactured by companies like JVC and Speco. We have experience with camera installations of all sizes, from small two or three camera installations using a computer to store the video to installations covering all aspects of a business, indoors and out, with complex dedicated DVR's that only record when motion is detected. We have the knowledge and experience to help you design, implement and properly use the perfect video surveillance system for your business.

Vulnerability Assessment

Any network that is connected to the Internet is vulnerable to attacks in numerous forms. Hackers use viruses, Trojan horses, worms, and anything else they can think of to attempt to gain access to any system they find. To decide which networks are easy targets, they use vulnerability scanners to get an idea of how easy a system will be to crack. CSC also uses vulnerability scanners, but instead of using them to figure out how to break into your network and wreak havoc, we use them to find any weaknesses and fix them, which helps make your network more secure. After all, a hacker isn't going to bother with a secure network when it is easier to break into a different one.

Network/Connectivity Design

Did you know that the quality of the cabling used to network your computers together can affect your network? In fact, bad wiring can cause your network to slow down, drop connections, or have intermittent problems.

CSC's wiring team specializes in helping a company isolate the problems in their data cabling and fix them. We also provide design help when implementing a new network or upgrading an existing one. A well-designed and implemented network is the first step in creating a stable and reliable computer or phone network.





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