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Computer Service Corp. is the perfect choice for companies that want a complete IT solution. Whether you need Seattle computer networking (Seattle computer networking), system software, cabling, the latest in IP telephony or complete network management, CSC can get the job done. At CSC, the customer is our first priority.

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In addition to Seattle computer networking, we provide a variety of other services. CSC takes pride in providing the best in customer service and support to our clients, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We have the trained and certified staff to meet the demands of any business. Our real-world experience and personal expertise is the right choice for any company demanding maximum uptime and reliability. We're your one-stop technical support company, offering solutions, not excuses.

CSC specializes in the following services:

Network and Communication:



Antivirus Deployment

Antivirus systems can include virus scanners, e-mail filters, certain firewalls and many other programs and devices. Any one of these can provide good protection against a virus, but a combination of them further reduces the likelihood that something will get through. Viruses are often a way for hackers to attempt to take over a system. Therefore, a solid antivirus system is your networks first line of defense. Let CSC help you decide what combination of antivirus systems are right for you and how to keep your network safe as new threats emerge.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for one of our representatives to discuss antivirus systems, give us a call.

Data Recovery: Impact and planning

Despite all of the precautions that can be taken to secure a network against attacks from viruses, hackers and other threats, there is always the possibility that a catastrophe could occur. Does your company have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan? Is any of your critical data backed up off-site? A good plan will ensure that your business will continue, that your customers will still be able to contact you, and that all of your records will be available in the event of a disaster.

Keeping your data and records secure is only half of the battle. What is each employee supposed to do in the event of a disaster? How does your data get restored? Who does it? All of these questions should be answered in a good disaster plan so that in the event that something terrible happens, everyone knows what they are supposed to do, how to do it, and a major disaster is converted into a minor one.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for one of our representatives to discuss your disaster recovery plan, give us a call.

Intrusion Detection Intrusion detection systems (IDS) are usually part of a firewall or other larger system. They monitor the connections being attempted and compare them to known threats and profiles or suspected threats. Each threat is logged as well as weather it was successful or not plus what other actions were taken. IDS systems do not necessarily attempt to thwart attacks, they simply detect them as they happen. This may not seem that useful at first, but consider a secured network. If all attacks are blocked by the system, the IDS provides confirmation that the system is working as it should and stopping potential threats. It also provides a unique view into threats that happen to get through as well as a way to track the person responsible.

Content Filtering Many businesses would like to restrict what employees can access while using the companies equipment. Some companies have problems with employees updating blogs, using, viewing pornographic material or other things that are considered inappropriate while at work. Content filters can restrict the ability for employees to pursue these activities from company equipment. Modern content filters are very effective at filtering out content that is not wanted while allowing everything else. Many filters use what are called blacklists. A blacklist is a list of sites that are known to fit in a particular category, such as violence, pornography, drugs, gangs, chatting, etc. Using blacklists allows access to pharmaceutical and medical sites, which may contain certain words that fit into a blocked category, to be accessed while the real drug and pornographic sites are blocked. 

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