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Policy Development and Implementation

Need to restrict who can use a computer, when users can log in or what rights they have? How about displaying disclaimers when someone attempts to log on to your network? All this and more is possible with a good set of network policies.

Policy Development and Implementation

Policies, when referring to computer systems, are rules that define what kinds of actions can be performed by whom. They also include the ability to make a computer behave in a certain way for a user or groups of users. For example, policies can limit who can use a particular workstation, or when they can use it. They can also deny access to system resources including the control panel and system properties. Policies can be very powerful when used properly. Using policies, one user can be limited to the ability to log in, use one or two programs and log back out again, while others are able to use all of the features of the system.

CSC has experience helping a wide range of companies develop policies around their needs. We have developed policy systems for schools where students need only limited access to the network but teachers and other faculty need greater access. We have also helped companies limit sales people and production staff from accessing portions of a system. Whatever your needs, we can help you design and implement a robust set of policies that will limit only those who need to be limited.

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