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Managed IT Services & Support

CSC takes pride in providing the best in customer service and support to our clients, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We have the trained and certified staff to meet the demands of any business. Our real-world experience and personal expertise is the right choice for any company demanding maximum uptime and reliability. We’re your one-stop technical support company, offering solutions, not excuses.

Network Managed Services

Managed services are a set of tools that can be used to monitor and maintain the health and performance of your network and proactively eliminate problems before they have the chance to effect system uptime. CSC offers a wide range of managed service options so that our clients can be assured they are getting exactly what they need.

Network/System Management

As part of CSC’s managed services, we offer complete network management solutions. Small and mid-sized businesses often find it hard to justify the cost of a full-time IT person to manage their networks, so we offer a cost-effective alternative. For less than the price of a part-time network professional you can have an entire team of experts monitoring and maintaining your computer systems. We can design a proactive maintenance plan to meet your needs, keeping your operating system running efficiently and reducing downtime

Network/System Automation

At CSC, we know it can be difficult with busy schedules to remember or even to have time to defrag your hard disk or run a daily backup. Did you know that these tasks could be automated? CSC can automate or remotely do these mundane tasks for you without any user intervention. CSC can help keep your computers running and your network reliable.

Network/Connectivity Design

Did you know that the quality of the cabling used to network your computers together can affect your network? In fact, bad wiring can cause your network to slow down, drop connections, or have intermittent problems.

CSC’s wiring team specializes in helping a company isolate the problems in their data cabling and fix them. We also provide design help when implementing a new network or upgrading an existing one. A well-designed and implemented network is the first step in creating a stable and reliable computer or phone network

Needs Assessment, Upgrades and Repair

CSC uses a comprehensive approach to learn just how your business uses its computer system and provides you with options to better fit your individual business model. As part of this process we help you to learn what your employees do and don’t like about the system, test and verify each and every wire in the network and identify areas where tasks can be streamlined or automated. CSC also will look at the growth trend of your company to ensure your system will be able to handle your growing needs.


Network Upgrades and Consulting

As a business grows and changes, so must their network. Whether it is a simple job such as running a new line or a big project like moving to a new office, CSC’s networking experts can help make the process simple and hassle free. We have years of experience in designing, maintaining and modifying networks of all sizes. Use our expertise to help you with your network upgrade and consulting needs.


Network Troubleshooting

CSC offers complete network troubleshooting, repair and installation services. Our staff of trained and certified network experts can provide evaluations for new network installations, upgrades and maintenance.

Wireless Networking

CSC offers a wide variety of wireless network solutions customized to meet your individual needs. We provide mesh, WAN, LAN, enterprise, point to point and point to multipoint wireless services as well as wireless site surveys. If you are just adding the ability for laptops to wirelessly access your network or attempting to provide coverage to an entire city, we have what you need.

System Integration

Making multiple different systems or platforms work together properly can be a huge challenge. Let CSC bring years of experience to help you develop a fast, reliable solution that is right for you and your company. 

LAN/WAN Implementation

Larger companies often have multiple, geographically distant, sites that need to be able to share data as if they were in one office. This kind of a network is called a wide area network (WAN). WAN implementations can be very expensive to set up and the source of many IT headaches. Data is expensive to transmit over long distances and a reliable network is a must for large companies, so let CSC help you reliably and cost-effectively connect your multiple sites into one wide area network.

Cabling and Infrastructure

CSC offers the best wiring services in the state at very competitive prices. Our certified cabling and fiber installers can do everything from pulling a phone line, to building your data center, plus we back all of our cabling and wiring with a warranty. CSC is a Washington state licensed contractor and is licensed and bonded for low-voltage installations. Whatever your wiring needs, CSC can help.

Equipment Sourcing and Procurement

Many companies can provide equipment at great prices. It takes something special to be able to offer complete equipment support with options for replacement, management and service agreements. CSC has that something. Through the years, we have developed strong relationships with many companies allowing us to get you great deals on the things you need to design, build and maintain your network. We can provide even better deals on the things you use every day, like toner and ink cartridges. By taking advantage of our managed services program with hardware as a service, you can enjoy even greater benefits while never having to worry about the next time a computer needs to be replaced or upgraded.

Security Audits & Vulnerability Assesments

All businesses have information stored on computers that is not meant to be seen by anyone else. CSC can help you to minimize this risk by helping you develop a comprehensive network security plan and putting it to the test. We have implemented network security systems for businesses of all types, including banks and medical institutions that have stringent requirements around security.

Data Recovery: Impact and Planning

Despite all of the precautions that can be taken to secure a network against attacks from viruses, hackers and other threats, there is always the possibility that a catastrophe could occur. Does your company have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan? Is any of your critical data backed up off-site? A good plan will ensure that your business will continue, that your customers will still be able to contact you, and that all of your records will be available in the event of a disaster.

Keeping your data and records secure is only half of the battle. What is each employee supposed to do in the event of a disaster? How does your data get restored? Who does it? All of these questions should be answered in a good disaster plan so that in the event that something terrible happens, everyone knows what they are supposed to do, how to do it, and a major disaster is converted into a minor one.

E-mail Spam and Virus Filtering

Spam is a big problem for almost everyone who surfs the Internet. Businesses loose hundreds of dollars in productivity due to the time it takes for employees to deal with spam every month. CSC’s e-mail filtering will virtually eliminate spam from ever arriving plus will scan every message and attachment for viruses, giving you the peace of mind to open your e-mails without having to worry about viruses. 

Firewall/VPN/IDS Designs and Deployment

A firewall is what sits between your network and the Internet. Without it, anyone on the Internet could see your entire network and easily hack into your private data. As a result, a robust firewall is one of the most critical aspects of network security. Firewalls come in many different categories, so choosing the one that best meets the needs of your business can be a real challenge. Some questions to think about are: Do I need content filtering? Do I need to be able to use virtual private networks (VPN)? Do I need an intrusion detection system (IDS)? Is a basic firewall secure enough for me, or do I need one that is smart? Do I need inline virus scanning?

CSC has experience helping companies like yours decide what features are necessary in a firewall, and which firewall is the best overall fit. Let us help you find the firewall solution that best fits your company’s needs.

Phone’s, Connectivity and Cloud

CSC offers a full suite of cloud based and on-premises solutions to meet your every need.  From basic phone systems to enterprise call centers, we can help.  We also are able to help you source connectivity from almost every major vendor, including DSL, cable and fiber Internet service as well as dark fiber links, point to point links, and even shared or dedicated data center space. Let us review your current connectivity needs, or send us a bill and see how much we can save you.

Telephone Systems

If you need to set up a mobile workforce, replace an aging PBX or just are looking to save some money or switch vendors for your current phone system, we can help.  We are partnered with a master agent who can leverage all of the major providers to meet your specific business needs.  We are experienced with phone systems from as few as three or four handsets up to full call centers with dedicated agents and calling queues.  Our knowledgeable team can bring their years of experience to you and help your business design and implement the best system for you needs.

We also offer free reviews of your current phone and Internet bills to see if we can provide better service at a lower rate.  Feel free to reach out for a free evaluation today!

Internet and Fiber Connectivity

Internet service is one of the most critical things a business has to have.  And making sure you are getting the right service for your needs is more important than ever.  Let us bring our years of experience and up-to-date knowledge to you to help you get the best service your business needs.  We are well versed in everything from legacy circuits and T1’s up to the latest multi-gig fiber links.  We even have several satellite-based options for those hard to reach branch offices that have limited connectivity options. 

If you’re needs are a bit more specific, we are able to help there too.  We are well versed in dark fiber and dedicated or shared links between multiple sites.  From a direct, LAN speed connection to a data center, to connections to high-speed cloud on-ramps, we can help you decide what the best way to connect anything you need, anywhere. 

Public and Private Cloud

Cloud is one of those terms that is coming to mean just about anything, depending on the context.  We are able to help you with hosted or on-premises cloud solutions from storage to virtual servers and even virtual desktops.  We have experience with systems from Microsoft, Amazon, and many other cloud vendors and can help you transition from on-premises to completely hosted or virtual and anything in between.  For some companies, it makes no sense to put resources on the cloud, whereas for others it is the only way to go.  Let us help you plan and implement your unique solution so you don’t get caught buying something that is not what you need.  Don’t get caught in someones cookie-cutter solution and get stuck with a system that only kind-of works.